Friday, 5 February 2010

Calling All Pajama Shoppers!

Tesco, the giant UK supermarket chain, made headlines this week by officially banning shoppers who show up in their pajamas (UK spelling: pyjamas.)  When the presenter read the story as we were watching the morning news, Chumley looked up from his cereal bowl with a wry smile, as if to imply that I was among the offenders who had caused the policy in the first place.  "As if!" I sputtered prophylactically.

There's no use denying that I love pajama time.  If I'm at home and going nowhere for the rest of the evening, I've been known to declare pajama time as early as 7 p.m.  Pajamas clear the mind and are much cheaper and safer than Valium, I think.  I match them with my Easy Spirit slippers.  Those occasionally need vacuumed due to so much wear and sock lint.  Thanks to their almost shoe-like sole, I have been known to wear them to take out the trash.  Or maybe return a library book to a drop box.  This is a slippery slope I'm on, according to Chumley.  I think he's afraid I'll start visiting the neighbors in my fuzzy pink robe (he bought me - facilitator!) for a tea and a chat.

Maybe the Brits have gotten wind of  It's worth a look, if you haven't seen it.  Chumley knew about it, and was all for the Tesco ban.  "We can't be having that!" he said, comparatively. 

I can't say I'm against Tesco on this one.  This comes from witnessing one particularly inappropriate pajama experience:  a young man wore flannel pajama bottoms emblazoned with bottles of Corona beer and lime wedges to his court date for driving under the influence.  Ugh.  That was almost as bad as the witness who showed up to testify wearing a t-shirt that said, "Honorary Oompa-Loompa,"  and took a nap on the benches outside the courtroom.  People!


CambridgeLady said...

Just stumbled across your blog. Like it :o)

This story made me smile.

Claire said...

Thanks - also admired yours. It's nice to find people read it from both near and far.

ChaChaneen said...

ha ha - Hilarious! Can totally relate as I see it often where I work... public service.

~kristina said...

It's all a bit bizarre, isn't it? We ended up having quite a heated debate about this at work when the news first broke.
Part of me thinks..who cares? Common sense would suggest you don't wear anything too outrageous when out in public. Then yes, I recall the Walmart website and realize that sadly, there are folks who need guidelines for common sense! :)