Friday, 11 December 2009

Move Over, Martha!

Meet my new favorite celebrity foodie, Delia Smith.  She's no revelation to the English, but for Americans, she flies much lower on radar than the potty-mouthed Gordon Ramsay or voluptuous Nigella Lawson.  She's without a gimmick: she's into old-fangled and cozy snacks, real butter, and her housecat is quite fluffy.  At least he was groomed well in her Christmas special.

I'm sure I'm not alone in losing whatever opinion I had of Martha Stewart post her stint in the pokey.  After years of cookbook writing, Delia saved up and bought herself a football team, yet wears clothes that look like they came from places regular people shop.  As I watched, she demonstrated how to make oh-so-puzzling English bread sauce.  She doused her fruit cakes with enough booze to allow them to flambe for days.  I believed Delia's confident assertion that she's never had a dry turkey, and continued viewing while suspending the Weight Watchers points count in my head. 

Emboldened by my holiday viewing, I undertook Delia's sausage rolls.   Nothing is as easy as it looks, and despite her TV demonstration of making puff pastry by grating frozen butter into a bowl, I took the easy way out and used the frozen sheets.  After what seemed like a couple hours farting around, splitting the casings off two pounds of sausage and crying over the onions I chopped, I had these meaty little marvels to show for it.  Into the freezer the majority went so they might accompany Chumley and me to our Christmas festivities where I can bake them on demand.   Thankfully, there is no button on our remote control for "baked goods on demand" or Chumley and I would have already turned to solids. 

Sausage rolls are terribly English, but it's hard not to like them unless you're not into meat or cholesterol.  I baked four as a test and offered them to Chumley as an "after-school" snack.  I felt a bit bad after chasing him away from that big stack of bacon I'd left out during the green bean segment of Thanksgiving dinner.  Hopefully, I've made both peace and meaty baked goods.


ChaChaneen said...

You're right, I've never heard if her before. Sounds like something I'd like to watch for the flamba alone. Ha ha. Let us know how the sausage rolls fair at your next par-tay!

Danielle said...

Hello! Love you blog! Do you have a contact email one can write to you at? I have a few questions for you. Thanks!

Claire said...

If you drop a comment and include your email address, I won't post it and will reply privately. I moderate comments, so I see them and don't have to automatically post them.

~kristina said...

LOL. I watched this program the other nite and also thought to myself, 'is this the British version of Martha?'
Funny you made the sausage rolls. I thought it loooked incredibly difficult-yummy, but difficult! Though, much easier than the cracker pastry thingies with the leftover Xmas pud. That little tie at the end would be my undoing!

Claire said...

Ha! I know exactly what you're talking about, because I remember that was the moment in the program I groaned, "No way! Forget it!" Why not pipe the word "fussy" on them while you're at it? I should explain what a cracker is for all the Yanks out there... hm, new blog topic? Thanks!