Friday, 30 October 2009

The Quest for Coziness

People here are burying their nuts for winter, though it hasn't come close to freezing yet.  I'm not really seeing the source of their anxiety, given that it's almost November and today's high will be 61F.  But rest assured, they think doom looms from under the drafty door.  How can I tell?  I was walking though a shopping center yesterday and happened upon the most impressive display of decorative and functional hot water bottles I've ever seen.  By my recollection, I last saw a hot water bottle sometime in the early '80s.  There must have been at least 40 different varieties for the chronically chilly to choose from.  My favorite are the faux fur sorts.
In case you think the Paris Hilton range is a bit too woofty (translated candy ass) and you need a manlier model, consider this edgy specimen, just in time for Halloween:

I'm not quite sure how most people use these.  Do they snuggle up to their skull and crossbones at night?  Are they especially handy to take the edge off that chilly car ride?  Or are they just an excuse to carry a personal hot water supply for tea at all times?  I've been assured that the level of complaints about the cold will steadily rise as the temperature drops. 

Come on now, people.  What ever happened to stiff upper lip and an extra jumper (sweater)?  Or how about a nice lap cat?  To give an example of how comparatively lovely the climate is, Chumley has just purchased a peach tree for my birthday, and the lady at the garden center assured me it would be absolutely fine in a clay pot over the winter.  Seriously!  It's practically Italy!  Back in the American midwest, the only thing we could grow over winter in pots was an icicle.

I don't think I'll be able to convince the English of how good they have it.  Even their hot water bottles get a bit chilly sometimes.

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